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Installing Bodywork

Bodywork is distributed as a Python package that exposes a Command Line Interface (CLI) for interacting with your Kubernetes cluster. The Bodywork CLI configures your cluster to run pre-built Bodywork containers, that clone your project from its remote Git repository and then deploy it.

Bodywork can be downloaded and installed from PyPI with the following shell command,

$ pip install bodywork

Or directly from the master branch of the bodywork-core repository on GitHub using,

$ pip install git+

Check that the installation has worked by running,

$ bodywork

Which should display the following,

Deploy machine learning projects developed in Python, to k8s.
--> see bodywork -h for help

Required Python Version

Bodywork has been built and tested using Python 3.8. We recommend that Bodywork-compatible ML projects should also be developed and tested using Python 3.8, but in-practice your code is likely to work with other versions.

Required Operating System

The Bodywork CLI has been developed for MacOS, Linux and Windows operating systems.